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"Silly Ridge has always been a great inspiration to me.  I think if I practice, and practice, maybe I could sing back-up for David someday.    
I mean, it could  happen,    right ?                      
Look,...  Knight is not getting any younger, so I'm working up my chops, and when there's an opportunity,.... I'll be ready to step up"                                          
Paul M.

Whenever I find myself not knowing what to do on stage,  I ask myself: 'What would   Silly Ridge   do ?',  and then do the opposite.    It has worked well for me.  "     E. Presley

" Sure, there was a time when we experimented with that sound, know,  mandolin, banjo and  fiddle. I mean everyone wanted to be like Silly Ridge , right ?  But SR  had that vibe solidly wrapped up, and no one could touch them, you know ?.  
I mean I'm not bitter about it.  I'm not sure I could have handled the level of fame those guys have to deal with everyday ! "                mick  

"My only real, life-long, dream was to be one of the Silly Ridge .
But breaking into that music scene in Highlands is tough,  so I settled for less pay & recognition, and went into movies instead.  "        Paul N.

" Yeah, I wrote my best material while I was hanging out with Silly Ridge . "                                                       bob

" 475 years from this day, I foresee a brilliant group of musicians, called,
  Silly Ridge, who will redefine  Bluegrass music  ...whatever that is ! "                                                                 Nostrodamas                                                                 

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