Silly Ridge RoundUp  is a Highlands based troupe that offers an eclectic blend of americana, bluegrass, folk music, and brings fun, energy, and toe-tapping music to any event throughout the Highlands - Cashiers plateau. Although the band is built around the three core members of David Goodrow, ( lead vocals, guitar, percussion), Knight Martorell, ( banjo, fiddle, harmonica, harmony vocals), and Carter Geigerich, ( mandolin, dobro, vocals ), they often expand,  drawing upon a broad circle of professional-level, good friends.  Silly Ridge RoundUp is a strong dose of musical fun, without the hangover.

David Goodrow  sings lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar in Silly Ridge Roundup.  After 32 years in the insurance business in Atlanta, he retired to the mountains full time in 2007 and became interested in Appalachian mountain music and traditional bluegrass.  "I played guitar since my college days, but now I had the time to get into it seriously, and make up for lost time, he says.  "In Silly Ridge Roundup we play old-time bluegrass and and a mix of folk and country songs plus The Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. It's fun music people enjoy and we love playing it". 

  Knight Martorell's​ banjo playing provides the syncopated drive, weaving between traditional Scruggs style and melodic improvisations to navigate the banjo’s voice to suit whatever direction the band goes. Since the age of 13, he has performed as a multi-instrumentalist with multiple bands. Since he grew up playing bluegrass during the summer months at Helen's Barn  in Highlands and rock and roll during the winters in Florida, he enjoys creatively blurring the boundaries between musical genres with the banjo, harmonica, mandolin and fiddle. Working with a diverse collection of talented, and like-minded, musician, Silly Ridge provides Knight the opportunity to create new and unexpected music within the format of Appalachian instruments.

Lane Holcomb   -   Fiddle

Mario  Renes - Bass.   

Rock-n-Roll Background,  previously played bass for Madmen  and Dreamers, ( theatrical, progressive rock).  Bluegrass and Gospel ?  Not a CLUE.  Having a blast playing it !  

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Greg  Fleming -  Mandolin,  Vocals, Guitar

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